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Antioxidant is a material, which stops the chain reaction that accelerate the aging of rubber by cutting high-molecular chain or bridging when oxygen or ozone reacts with rubber. 


We are mainly manufacturing aromatic amine series mostly used for tires for its coloring property and phenol products that do not ruin product colors.

Usage  :Aromatic amine series : Synthetic rubber for tires. Phenol series: Synthetic rubber for coloring and synthetic resin
Features: Aromatic amine: Good for preventing sunlight/ozone crack and effective in avoiding bending crack. It tends to bloom but can be mixed in much quantity.Phenol series: High-molecular and nonpollutant antioxidant or simultaneous antioxidant


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Trading in natural rubber and natural latex is the main business of WEBER & SCHAER . Regular visits to supplier countries keep us in constant contact with almost all important producers. A check of all goods arriving at our warehouse provides us with an overview of the quality of their products.

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