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KUMHO KBRLBR(Low cis Butadiene Rubber)

KUMHO LBR is a Low-cis Polybutadiene Rubber(BR) manufactured through?solution polymerization of?1,3-butadiene?with alkyl lithium


It is a synthetic rubber product used as a base polymer to produce HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene). Its cis and vinyl contents? are 34.5% and 14.5%, respectiviely, and excellent grafting? reactivity? in HIPS process.
Usage       :  Base polymer of HIPS Tires Shoes
Features :   With 14.5% of vinyl bonding structure and excellent reactivity, it is used for manufacturing 
HIPS. Excellent elasticity and impact strength

Kategori Sınıf ML1+4 Cis 1,4(%) vinil(%) gel(%) çözelti viskozitesi TDS
LBR KBR 710H 68 34,5 14,5 Max 0.02 250
LBR KBR 710S 50 34,5 14,5 Max 0.02 173


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