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BK 1675 N

BK-1675N is a product of isobutylene ad isoprene copolymerization in methyl chloride medium. This type of rubber is used for production of tire inner tubes, diaphragms of shaper-vulcanizers, butyl latex and for other technical industrial purposes.


Packaging: Bales are packed in EVA or PE film, then placed into wooden box or plastic pallets covering their bottom by means of PE film.

Transportation: Rubber is transported in covered railway cars or covered trucks.

Storage: Rubber shall be stored packed in box pallets in stacks not higher than three pallets each.
Prevent from contamination, direct sun rays and atmospheric precipitation.


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Trading in natural rubber and natural latex is the main business of WEBER & SCHAER . Regular visits to supplier countries keep us in constant contact with almost all important producers. A check of all goods arriving at our warehouse provides us with an overview of the quality of their products.

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