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Chlorinated X_Butyl™ is produced in a continuous process by reacting Butyl Rubber with chlorine. Halogenation allows co-vulcanization and improved compatibility with other diene rubber types, in addition to improvements in the vulcanization rates, states of cure and reversion resistance. 


Key Properties
Chlorinated X_Butyl™ consists predominantly of saturated polyisobutylene. The halogen functionality makes it more reactive to cure systems, compared to Butyl Rubber. Provided that compounds based on Chlorinated X_Butyl™ are correctly formulated and processed, the vulcanizates have excellent resistance to weathering, ozone and hot air, very good resistance to acidic and basic chemicals, very low permeability to gases and liquids, high damping and low-temperature flexibility, balanced with good processing properties. 
In summary: 
• high impermeability to gases
• improved weather and ozone resistance
• improved chemical resistance
• good cure versatility
• faster cure rate with lower amount of curatives
• good cure compatibility with unsaturated rubbers
• high heat resistance
These would include articles which need low permeability to gases and liquids, e.g. tire innerliners, hoses, seals and membranes. Furthermore, Chlorinated X_Butyl™ is material of choice for pharmaceutical closures due to its cleanliness and good resealing properties. Rubber articles needing good resistance to chemicals, weathering and ozone, such as tank linings, conveyor belts and protective clothing also benefits from the unique properties of Chlorinated X_Butyl™.
Chlorinated X_Butyl™ combines the unique properties of polyisobutylene (impermeability, dampening, chemical and weathering resistance) with the possibility of cure with a broad range of systems and good cure compatibility with unsaturated rubber types.
X_BUTYL™ CB 1240
A non-staining, chlorinated isobutylene-isoprene coploymer with low Mooney viscosity and increased cure speed.

Halogen content (wt%): 1.25
Mooney viscosity (ML (1+8) 125°C): 38

Tire Innerliners and Sidewalls
Tire Curing Envelopes and Bladders
Anti-vibration and Damping Components
Tire Innertubes
Gasket, Seals and O-Rings
Lining and Coating


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