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KUMHO KHS HSR(High Styrene Resin Masterbatch)

KUMHO KHS is a production material manufactured by combining 23.5%-styrene latex and high styrene resin latex. Its processability is improved by using plasticizer when mixing the rubbers in high temperature.


In addition, it has high wear resistance and tear-resistant flex and can maintain good physical property even when adding much filler.

Usage          : Tires Shoes Sponge
Features       :Maintain great physical property with high filler content, making it good for reinforcing 
                      Stiffness  good mixing dispersibility and processability as well as improves the stiffness of 
                      processed goods

Kategori Sınıf stiren(%) ML1+4 Spesifik yer çekimi Fiziksel form TDS
HSR RM 21 21 41 0,92 balya tipi
HSR RM 21L 21 22 0,92 balya tipi
HSR KHS 68 68 61 1 Pop-com tipi


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