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By mixing the asphalt with 1.5-3% of LEADCAP, ascon production temperature can be lowered by 30℃. This is an eco-friendly ascon additive that will help save production energy and reduce harmful gas emission as well as boost road construction speed. Furthermore, it can be compacted in lower temperature so it is possible to avoid defective compacting because of the inconsistent temperature. 


Usage        :Medium-temperature asphalt additive Recycled asphalt additive
Features    : Reduce the viscosity of asphalt and improves its quality
                      Easily soluble with asphalt
                      Immediately applied to ascon plant without using a special equipment

Kategori Sınıf İçerik(%) Yumuşama noktası(*c) Viskozite(@ 135 *c)(CPS) PG Üretin sıcaklığı(*c) TDS
LEADCAP LEADCAP-C76 3 62 520 76-22 140
LEADCAP LEADCAP-C70 3 58 340 70-22 130
LEADCAP LEADCAP-C64 1.5 54 350 64-22 130


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