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The ability of generating various grades of carbon black for responding to all of rubber and tire production industry requirements is one of the important problems in CB production field. Increasing reaction temperature in 


Jumbo reactors besides using Pelletizer equipment with variable speed shafts has provided possibility of producing more variable grades, presenting high flexibility of  Sadaf's modern technologies in production.
                                                                 Sadaf Carbon Black Grades:  
General Specifications of Carbon Black
Carbon Black is classified into two groups according to its structure and particle size.
a) Hard Black
• HAF (High Abrasion Furnace)
• ISAF (Intermediate Super Abrasion Furnace)
b) Soft Black
• FEF (Fast Extrusion Furnace)
• GPF (General Purpose Furnace)
- Furnace black type resistant to abrasion.
- Its particle structure is small and normal.
- Very good resistance to deformation which improves bending resistance and tensile stress of the rubber.
- Prevents heat accumulation in the tires.
- Very resistant to abrasion.
- Normal structured and has small particle size.
- Increase tensile stress and improve fracture resistance of rubber.
- Abrasion-resistant and provides rapid extrusion.
- Normal structured and has medium particle size.
- This species are used for general purposes.
- Has a normal particle size.
- Processing of this species is easy.
Carbon Black is used in rubber industry as an additive in automobile tires, machine parts, cables, conveyor belts, hose, heels and the construction of the base rubber, also it is used in plastics, printing ink, paint, black paper, coatings, inks, lithographic and plate as a dye as the blackness of the transmitter in order to ensure color varnish, also used to make carbon paper and typewriter ribbon.
Some of the industrial branches that carbon black is used in:
• Cable  
• Conveyor belt 
• Carrier tapes 
• Hose  
• Mats 
• Black bags  
• Spare parts for cars  
• Thermal insulation  
• Rubber, plastic materials 
• Fire fighting and so on. vb.
Usage area according to type
HAF - used in production of cable, conveyor belt, and high quality rubber goods, used in manufacturing of tire.
ISAF - used in production of rubber goods, tires used in heavy road conditions.                                                                        
FEF - used in rubber goods obtained from extruded, inner tube, cable laying and the tires.
GPF - used in rubber goods, inner and outer body of bicycle tires, especially in the production of automobile tires.


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